1. Founding Member, originally four, now just one, Carlos E. Jalife V., because Alejandro Rodríguez passed awy in 2009 and the other two members abandoned the AC on their own decision.
  2. Numbered Members, which are those selected by the other members as worthy representatives of national motorsport, by their deeds and words, and are proposed by at least other two Members of the Scuderia.
  3. Honorary Members, which are outstanding participant in national motorsport, retired or not, to which are paid homage at the momento of ther induction, and will be the first candidates to conform the Hall of Fame.
  4. Partners or Associates, which is any person with interest in motorsports that provides us its name and wishes to be in contact with the Scuderia anywhere in the world, just by sending an email to . The Scuderia is still growing and there are well over 6,000 partners worldwide, of which only a couple of hundreds are Numberes / Honorary Members which are the only ones who pay the established fee.