International Delegations

The international expansion of the Scuderia has also resulted in the establishment of Delegations in countries troughout the world to group the Partners that live in a determined geographical region. Delegates are elected for two year periods, concurring with the Directive Council. Since the first one, established in 2004, the Delegates have been:

European General Coordination

2004-2006 Luc Ghys (Belgium) Coordinator
2006-2008 Luc Ghys (Belgium) Coordinator
2008-2010 Luc Ghys (Belgium) Coordinator
2010-2012 Luc Ghys (Belgium) Coordinator
2012-2014 Luc Ghys (Belgium) Coordinator

Belgium Delegation

2004-2006 Chris van de Wiele   Deinze
2006-2008 Chris van de Wiele   Deinze
2008-2010 Chris van de Wiele   Deinze
2010-2012 Chris van de Wiele   Deinze
2012-2014 Chris van de Wiele   Deinze

France Delegation

2004-2006 Norbert Gaillard (Lyon) Deinze
2006-2008 Norbert Gaillard (Lyon) Deinze
2008-2010 Jean Pierre Potier (París) Deinze
2010-2012 Jean Pierre Potier (París) Deinze
2012-2014 Jean Papon (Montpellier) Deinze

German Delegation

2006-2008 Jürgen Lasser   (Nürnberg)
2008-2010 Jürgen Lasser   (Nürnberg)
2010-2012 Reinhold Hofmockel   (Nürnberg)
2012-2014 Reinhold Hofmockel   (Nürnberg)

Italy Delegation

2006-2008 Francesco Parigi   (Firenze)
2008-2010 Francesco Parigi   (Firenze)
2010-2012 Carlos Sánchez   (Torino)
2012-2014 Carlos Sánchez   (Torino)

Canada Delegation

2006-2008 Jimmy Johnston   (Toronto)
2008-2010 Jimmy Johnston   (Toronto)
2010-2012 Jimmy Johnston   (Toronto)
2012-2014 Jimmy Johnston   (Toronto)

Argentina Delegation

2006-2008 Oscar Jarillo   (Olivos)
2008-2010 Oscar Jarillo   (Olivos)
2010-2012 Oscar Jarillo   (Olivos)
2012-2014 Virginia S. Meyer   (Buenos Aires) 

New Zealand Delegation

2006-2008 Nigel Russell   (Auckland)
2008-2010 Nigel Russell   (Auckland)
2010-2012 Nigel Russell   (Auckland)
2012-2014 Nigel Russell   (Auckland)

United States of America Delegation

2010-2012 Rafael López Tello (Washington DC) Deinze
2012-2014 Rafael López Tello (Washington DC) Deinze

Spain Delegation

2010-2012 Félix Muelas (Málaga) Deinze
2012-2014 Félix Muelas (Málaga) Deinze

Great Britain Delegation

2010-2012 David Tremayne (Newcastle) Deinze
2012-2014 David Tremayne (Newcastle) Deinze