National Delegations

The national expansion of the Scuderia has provoked that delegations should be established in certain Mexican cities in order to group the Partners that live in the same geographical region, whenever there are more tan 10 Partners in the same zone. Delegates are elected for two year periods, concurring with the Directive Council, of which they are voiced members. The first delegation was opened in 2002 and their Delegates have been:

Monterrey Delegation

2002-2004 César Tiberio Jiménez Maldonado
2004-2006 César Tiberio Jiménez Maldonado
2006-2008 César Tiberio Jiménez Maldonado
2008-2010 César Tiberio Jiménez Maldonado
2010-2012 César Tiberio Jiménez Maldonado
2012-2014 César Tiberio Jiménez Maldonado

Toluca Delegation

2007-2008 Alejandro Naime González
2008-2010 Alejandro Naime González
2010-2012 Alejandro Naime González
2012-2014 Alejandro Naime González

Tijuana/south California Delegation

2007-2008 Óscar Chavarría C.
2008-2010 Óscar Chavarría C.
2010 -2012 Óscar Chavarría C.
2012-2014 Javier Cevallos D.

Morelia Delegation

2007-2008 Alejandro Torres
2008-2010 Alejandro Torres
2010-2012 Luis Gabriel Calderón
2012-2014 Luis Gabriel Calderón

Guadalajara Delegation

2007-2008 Tomás López Rocha
2008-2010 Tomás López Rocha
2010-2012 Tomás López Rocha
2012-2014 Tomás López Rocha

Puebla Delegation

2007-2008 Óscar Javier Rojas Kano
2008-2010 Gilberto Niño III
2010-2012 Gilberto Niño III
2012-2014 Gilberto Niño III

Veracruz Delegation

2008-2010 Óscar Sentíes Graham
2010-2012 Óscar Sentíes Graham
2012-2014 Gerardo Sanz C.

N.Laredo/south of Texas

2008-2010 Jesús Alberto Marina Delgado
2010-2012 Jesús Alberto Marina Delgado
2012-2014 Jesús Alberto Marina Delgado

Yucatán Península Delegation

2010-2012 Luis Arenas Rosas
2010-2012 Luis Arenas Rosas