Aside  from the Secretary General who handles the operative process of the Scuderia and its products, mainly editorial, there are other comitees that help evaluate diverse aspects of the organizational life of the Scuderia

A Competition Comitee: (CC)

Led by the Secretary General, this Comitee handles the weekly elaboration of the Mexican Pilots Classification and their awards, as well as the yearly selection of candidates for the virtual Hall of Fame of Motorsports . The members have been:

CC 1997-2004

CC 2004-2006

CC 2006-2008

CC 2008-2010

CC 2010-2012

CC 2012-2014

B) Electoral Comitee

Led by the outgoing President and the Secretary General if it doesn’t contest or doesn’t have contender in the election, supervises the election to be taken in a orderly and timely fashion.

C) Ex Presidents Comitee

In 2008 the Ex Presidents Comitee was formed which also form part of the Honor and Justice Comission of the Scuderia, as a voiced Member in the Directive Council, but without a vote. Their members, to which the outgoing President  of every period will join, have been: