Board Of Directors (Directive Counsel)

The Scuderia’s Directive Counsel (DC) is currently integrated by eight members: President, Secretary General, Rodríguez’ Family Representative, and five Deputies

They took protest in June, 2012 and they will last in their duties until June 2014.

The President is Carlos J. Pani Villalobos, the Secretary General is Carlos E. Jaife Villalón, the Rodríguez Family Representative is Conchita Rodríguez de Castellano, and the Deputies are Mario Domínguez, Omar E. Jalife Ruz, Eduardo León Camargo, Alejandro Naime Gonzalez and Ramón Osorio Jourdain.

Prior Scuderia’s Directive Councils have been presided by Alejandro Rodríguez de la Vega, from its inception at the end of 1997 until December 31st, 1999; Ignacio Segura from January 1st, 2000 until March 31st, 2004 and re-elected from April 1st, 2004 until March 31st, 2006; Miguel Angel Quintana from April 1st until  March 31st , 2008. Manuel “Chacho” Medina covered the period from April, 2010 to May 2012 and Cesar Tiberio Jiménez Maldonado from May 2010 to June 2012, date in which the current Directive Counsel took office. With the exception of the Founding Members , there is a non-reelection policy for the President’s position. For the Rodríguez’ Family Representative, a first grade family member is preferred, and a close relationship with the Members is encouraged.

Scuderia Hermanos Rodriguez’ directors since its foundation

The Scuderia Hermanos Rodríguez was founded as a racing team in 1959 and it was re-founded as a Civil Association in 1997.


A Founders as drivers:

B Founders as civil association:


It started its activities with a Directive Council composed by four members.

Directive Council 1997-1999

Directive Council 2000-2002

Directive Council 2002-2004

For 2004 it was decided to add one member to the Directive Council in order to have an odd number

Directive Council 2004-2006

Directive Council 2006-2008

For 2008 it was decided that a Treasurer position should be added, as well as another Deputy, to mantain the odd number.

Directive Council 2008-2010

For 2010 it was decided to abolish the Treasurer position because fees were not mandatory, and another Deputy was added 

Directive Council 2010-2012

For 2012 it was decided to add another Deputy, who should not be older tan 30 years of age, in order to prepare the next generation of leaders of the Scuderia

Directive Council 2012-2014